Can't find metrics in CABI or Metric Viewer but they are visible in PRD
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Can't find metrics in CABI or Metric Viewer but they are visible in PRD


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


We can see the disk metrics from the UIM performance reports designer (PRD) tab for a certain server.

However, when I create the report in UIM CABI or Metric Viewer I don't see the metric or I'm not able to find it.



Release : UIM 20.4.x

Component : PRD, Metric Viewer, CABI, Dashboard Designer


The Performance Report Designer (PRD) uses Targets, Hosts and the real name of the QOS as pulled out from the S_QOS_DATA Table

All QOS Metrics in CABI, in the OC Metric Viewer or other parts of OC like the Dashboard Designer, offer the available metrics grouped and displayed with the correspondent Metric Description (met_description), rather than the name of the QOS. 


As mentioned in the causes, this is working as designed.

If data is available and visible in PRD, it should be also be available in CABI, Metric Viewer or Dashboard Designer but it has to be browsed differently. 



Pulling out from PRD metrics for the QOS: QOS_VMWARE_HOST_DISK_AGGREGATE_USAGE shows in PRD like this: 



Looking at this QOS in the S_QOS_DATA TABLE (Example query to find this below)

Select * from  S_QOS_DATA where qos like '%AGGREGATE_DISK%'



The met_description, in this case, is "Total Throughput" and this will be how this metric is labelled in the Metric Viewer or CABI or Dashboard Designer.



Based on the vmware documentation:

You must use the VM_Disk metrics not VM_Guest_disk

VM_Guest, not used: