AppNeta - Docker Container (C50) - Installation Notes
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AppNeta - Docker Container (C50) - Installation Notes


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AppNeta's Container Monitoring Points (CMP) is a containerized version of AppNeta's monitoring point software. It is available as a standard customer-managed product.


The CMP is can be implemented in the following environments:

  • Azure - CMP details:
  • AWS - CMP details:
    • Supported using Docker Compose
    • EC2 instance requirements.
    • For greenfield AWS implementation, here's a details of the minimum infrastructure required to stand up a CMP:
      • Key pair, VPC, Security Group, Subnet, Internet Gateway, EC2 instance (don't need to use an Elastic IP Address if you auto-assign a public IPv4 address), Default route in the Subnet Route Table to the Internet Gateway, SSH access to the instance, installation on the instance of both Docker Engine and Docker Compose.
  • Linux workstation
        • Not currently a supported product but can be used via Docker Compose.
        • This and Docker Engine are prerequisites to the installation of the CMP on Linux. It is the customer's responsibility to have these packages already installed on their system.
  • Windows Workstation
        • Not currently a supported product



Additional Software Monitoring Points can be found here:

You'll find useful commands for Docker deployments in this guide: