DDFAMG0016 RPT NAME IS INVALID when updating database
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DDFAMG0016 RPT NAME IS INVALID when updating database


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I am attempting to update DBID001 database as instructed by the HOLD(ACTION) of PTF LU05180, but getting this error throughout the SYSPRINT output even though no report (-RPT) is included in the JCL:

-BTG AREA,DEMO-DEM(T001)                                                ;  MSGN
     FORMAT ERROR:  DDFAMG0016     RPT NAME IS INVALID                       
1000 CONNECT,HUMAN-RESOURCE                                                     
1001 'DATACOM     ','DATACOM  '                                                
1002 'DEMO AREA   '                                                            
3001 DEM                                                                       
3002                Y   3380   04096          3 0000                           
3004       DEMO_DEM                                                            

The “DDFAMG0016 RPT NAME IS INVALID” error in Techdocs only has this information:
Reason: You specified an invalid report name in the transaction.
Action: Correct the transaction and resubmit.


Release: 15.1


The client was using the wrong Datadictionary program.


PTF LU05180 has a HOLD(ACTION) to update the Datadictionary for Database 0001. So the DDUPDATE program, meaning PGM=DDUPDATE, should be used instead of PGM=DDUTILTY to eliminate this error. DDUPDATE is the only  batch Datadictionary program that can update the Datadictionary contents of a Database and process reports while DDUTILTY, another Datadictionary program, can only process reports.

Additional Information

Look at our documentation at the various Datadictionary programs for more example and their specific use.