Installation fails on SLES 15SP3 on zLinux with uniwhoami: No such file or directory
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Installation fails on SLES 15SP3 on zLinux with uniwhoami: No such file or directory


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CA Automic Dollar Universe


We are trying to install Dollar Universe application server on a new SLES 15SP3  zLinux server but receive the following error after starting "unirun" command:

zlnx009:/tmp/duas # ./unirun


--> choice ? i
Checking file access rights...

./unigeneric: line 709: /tmp/duas/tools/uniwhoami: No such file or directory

# ---> ERROR:
# -------------------------------------------------

-----> Cannot get current user with "uniwhoami" command : stop here!

# Procedure aborted.
# -------------------------------------------------


The zlinux version info:

Linux zlinuxserver 5.3.18-150300.59.54-default #1 SMP Sat Mar 5 10:00:50 UTC 2022 (1d0fa95) s390x s390x s390x GNU/Linux
"SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15 SP3"


First we used bash shell, but tried also after installing ksh shell, but didn't help.

Do you know what could the problem?


Release : 6.x


OS: zLinux (s390x ) SLES 15 SP2 and superior


Dollar Universe for zLinux is not compatible with SLES 15SP3 as it's a 32bit software and this OS has dropped 32bit application support on this version.
As a result, it cannot be installed and fails when executing any of the binaries included in the kit.


SLES 15SP3 and superior were at first not compatible with 32bit software, thus with Dollar Universe for zLinux.

This support for 32bit software was later added as announced here:

Please ask your system Administrators to install the necessary packages in case you want to use Dollar Universe for zLinux on such Linux versions.


Additional Information

The compilation of Dollar Universe for zLinux on 64bit has been submitted as an enhancement request to avoid this limitatio and will be handled via the Enhancement PMDU-2972.

The resolution and the Compatibility Matrix will be updated once this compatibility is added.