Inherited attributes in the Modern UX
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Inherited attributes in the Modern UX


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While trying to change label or tooltip in the Modern UX, one of the following errors is obtained.

Cannot update label for inherited attribute
Cannot update tooltip for inherited attribute

An example of an inherited attribute is the "Department" attribute.


Release : 16.0.3


There are two 'Abstract Objects' in the system: Investments (inv_investments) and Financials (fin_financials) 

If any attribute on a non-abstract object has a 'Database Table' name of the abstract object, you need to go to that object to update the label.

  • Database Table Name = inv_investments -> Go to the common 'Investment' abstract object
  • Database Table Name = fin_financials -> Go to the common 'Financials' abstract object 
  • Database Table Name = pac_mnt_projects.
    The common table for the abstract object 'Project Financial Properties' is NOT available yet in Modern. Therefore, any field with this database table name cannot be re-labeled at this time through Modern UX. 

Also, any custom virtual fields, defined on an abstract object may not have a database table name, are also 'inherited' attributes.  Users will have to keep track of these fields so they know to update the abstract object. 

For OOB attributes - Change the tooltip or label on the Investment object. The project custom object is inherited from Investment and all labels are supposed to be added to the Investment object instead of the project object.