Running Disk V14.0 without a CCUWLPA library
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Running Disk V14.0 without a CCUWLPA library


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DISK BACKUP AND RESTORE Disk Backup and Restore - MVS


When upgrading to Disk new release version 14.0, is it possible to run Disk without the CCUWLPA that means without DISK SVC ADSMVS650 module and the SVC Zaps?


Release : 14.0

Component : Disk Backup and Restore


The CCUWLPA library contains the CA DISK SVC module ADSMVS60, which is required ONLY if you have installed the CA DISK Open Zaps.

If You have been using Disk version 12.5 without the Disk SVC and are OK with the functions/results, there is no reason for You to install it for the latest release 14.0.  Disk SVC is recommended but NOT required.  

Although we strongly recommend having the Disk SVC hooks applied in order to use all the features of Disk.