Repeat Jobs on a timed interval that stop
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Repeat Jobs on a timed interval that stop


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CA 7 Workload Automation


Had a REPEAT job that runs from 7am  - 7:30pm everyday. One of the jobs intervals was in a Late state in the ready queue and prevented the job from submitting every 15 minutes. The job in ready queue in Late status was cancelled and the job was demanded in using the Demand command to start the job back for every 15 mins until 7:30pm. Since I demanded the one in this evening at 15:30 to run the rest of the day until 19:30 will it come back in tomorrow and start again at 15:30? We only want the one scheduled to run tomorrow starting at 7am to run, not start another one at 15:30 as this will make 2 of the same job run. Is there a way to prevent the one I demanded in at 15:30 to not run anymore?  


CA 7 will honor the new schedule for the next scheduled day.  The job that was demanded in on the previous day has no effect on the next day's schedule.

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