ACF2 ISPF Add GSO STC via ISPF panels is missing the ‘.’ in the qualifier
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ACF2 ISPF Add GSO STC via ISPF panels is missing the ‘.’ in the qualifier


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ACF2 - z/OS


Try to add a new STC via ISPF panels but the record identifier it ends up adding is missing the ‘.’.   So a new STC called STAP will be added as record identifier STCSTAP rather than STC.STAP



Release : 16.0

Component : ACF2 for z/OS


This is working as documented. GSO records are stored in the ACF2 INFOSTG database by the record id(RECID). The RECID can be a maximum of 16 bytes. Therefore, you can specify a qualifier of up to ten characters. It must immediately follow the characters of the GSO record. If you use a period (.) as part of the qualifier string for the record name, ACF2 counts it as one of the ten available characters.

The period (.) is optional whether INSERTing via TSO ACF or the ISPF panels so it will not be included unless explicitly specified. There is a sample ISPF help tutorial provides an example of how the qualifier works for GSO records.

TUTORIAL --------------------THE GSO SAFDEF RECORD ------------------------
COMMAND ===>                                                               
The SAFDEF record defines the System Authorization Facility (SAF)          
 environment to process or ignore.  CA ACF2 provides internal              
 SAFDEFs for SAF default protection.  You can use the SAFDEF record to     
 intercept other SAF calls and validate them based on the options you      
 define in this record.                                                    
  FIELDS: QUALIFIER: If more than one SAFDEF record is required, a         
                     qualifier can be added to the record name in the      
                     format SAFDEFqualifier to generate a unique record id.
  EXAMPLE: QUALIFIER ===> 001       (8 characters maximum)                 
           The above specification will create the SAFDEF001 recid.        
          RACROUTE:  Up to 32 RACROUTE parameters may be entered by        
                     typing them in one parameter per line.  After         
                     entering the first five parameters you will be        
                     prompted for additional RACROUTE parameters.          
        For information on this record, please consult your                
        CA ACF2 Administrator's Guide.