Channels Slow after 16.0.2 Upgrade
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Channels Slow after 16.0.2 Upgrade


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Channels to classic are slow in 16.0.2. Accessing the Channel using a Safari browser seems to be slower than using other browsers. 


Steps to Reproduce:   


  1. Login to Modern and go to Administration > Blueprints 
  2. Edit a blueprint and add new channels.
  3. Here are a few examples:
    • Channel to Classic Task List    ../../niku/nu#action:projmgr.taskResUtilList&id=xxx&puiFullscreen=on&puiHidePPMTabs=on 
    • Classic project dashboard    ../../niku/nu#action:dashboardProjectStatus&id=${_internalId}&puiFullscreen=on&puiHidePPMTabs=on 
    • Business Alignment    ../../niku/nu#action:projmgr.projectProperties&odf_view=project.cop.valueMetrics&id=${_internalId}&odf_pk=xxx&puiFullscreen=on&puiHidePPMTabs=on 

Expected Results: Channels to Classic load as fast (or close to) as the same page loads in Classic. 

Actual Results:  Channels to Classic take 5-10 seconds (or longer) than the same page load in Classic.


Release : 16.0.2

Component : Clarity MUX UI Usability


A couple/few seconds more on channels that load classic pages should be expected.