Hold action may be optional for LU06182
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Hold action may be optional for LU06182


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Hello, we are a Datacom/AD user and I am applying maintenance to Datacom/AD 15.1.

PTF LU06182 has hold actions for the DST in DBID=1000.  We use Datacom for CA7, CA11 and ENF.  Are these hold action required for us?  If so, do these actions need to be done against every MUF?


Release : 15.1

Component : Datacom/AD

Component: Datacom/DB


This solution makes two changes:

  1. It corrects the definition of a Key field for the SQLSC_PLAN.KEY, which produced a message: DDWKEY0008 WARNING MIXED FLD TYPES FOR DATACOM-ID ENTITY=SQLSC_PLAN.KEY
  2. It adds a new table to the Datacom Dynamic System Tables called MUF_BFR_POOL_AREA.

According to the IMPACT section of the LU06182 solution:

The DDUPDATE catalog job runs to completion but gets a condition code 4 and the associated Maintenance Report contains a warning message. This can be ignored and will not impact Dynamic System Table processing.    

While the first situation affects all users when applying maintenance to the Datacom Dynamic System Tables, the message is only a warning and does not affect usage of the table. The new table MUF_BFR_POOL_AREA is not currently used by any Datacom/AD products and when it is needed, those base products will alert customers and should reference the LU06182 solution.

At this time, the HOLD actions referenced by this solution are not needed for Datacom/AD customers, and are needed only for Datacom/DB customers who will use the new table. 

As noted in the solution, please apply this solution with BYPASS(HOLDSYSTEM(ACTION)) .

Additional Information

As always, please contact Broadcom support for Datacom if you have further questions.