USERMOD8 ASMA017W Undefined keyword parameter - ADSUM/MSG3362
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USERMOD8 ASMA017W Undefined keyword parameter - ADSUM/MSG3362


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Disk Backup and Restore - MVS


Trying to relink the USERMOD8 when DISK 14.0 is installed, the following error message can be issued:

ASMA017W Undefined keyword parameter; default to positional, including keyword - ADSUM/MSG3362


Release : 14.0

Component : Disk Backup and Restore


When the GA PTF LU04088  is applied, it removes the keyword

MSG3362=,       Uncatalog for TSO UNCAT/DEL? (Y/N) 

from :



- the loadmodules involved 

++PTF (LU04088)                                                       
REMOVE MSG3362 REFERENCES FROM ADSUMOD8                               
PROBLEM DESCRIPTION:                                                  
This fix removes the remaining references to message 3362 (since      
the functionality behind the message was previously removed) in       
an auto restore module and USERMOD8, which customers can use          
to tailor the Auto Restore prompts.                                   
If specified in USERMOD8 (ADSUMOD8), message 3362 could be            
produced, even though its response would not be honored.              
None. The functionality behind message 3362 was previously            

If this PTF is applied but not all the above elements have been deployed to the Target Runtime libraries (from the SMP/E libraries) then the error occurs. 

The new CCUWSAMP(ADSUMPD8) looks as follows:

ADSUMOD8 TITLE 'SAMS:Disk Auto-Restore options data'                            
         COMPILE ASEM=RENT,LKED=RENT                                  *         
*                                                                     *         
* DESCRIPTION:                                                        *         
*    This is a sample usermod used to specify Disk Auto-Restore       *         
*    options.                                                         *         
*                                                                     *         
*    Read the ADSUMOD8-macro prolog for specifications of options     *         
*    you may override.                                                *         
*                                                                     *         
ADSUMOD8 ADSUMOD8 TIMEOUT=30,  Start timeout for DMSAR-STC             X        
               READAUTH=YES,   Restore authorization check (YES/NO)    X        
               MSG2971=,       Do you want to restore? (Y/N)           X        
               MSG2972=,       Immediate or Deferred? (I/D)            X        
               MSG2973=,       Do you want to wait for tape? (Y/N)     X        
               MSG2978=,       Archived-to-tape, wait? (Y/N)           X        
               MSG3755=        Restore active, wait? (Y/N)                      

So it is necessary to deploy the new CCUWLOAD - CCUWSAMP(ADSUMOD8) - CCUWMAC(ADSUMOD8) and apply the usermod with those new target libraries.