Smart Restart Bind job for SRSSAMPQ missing in V20
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Smart Restart Bind job for SRSSAMPQ missing in V20


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Smart Restart


When running the Smart/RESTART Admin Facility dialog:

Smart/RESTART Administration Facility
2 Db2 - Prepare Db2 subsystem DSN1 for Smart/RESTART
3 Db2 BINDs - for the Smart/RESTART packages and plans   

The job DCAFILE(SRSBIND) will be created. In previous version V121, bind for SRSSAMPQ was present but missing in new version V200.|
The JCL does not have it but it is mentioned in the JCL comment as seen below:

//*       Bind a DB2 package for the Smart/RESTART DBRM named SRSDBRM.
//*       Bind DB2 plans for the Smart/RESTART utility SRSUCHK        
//*       as well as the installation verification procedure SRSSAMPQ.



Release : 20.0
Component : Smart/RESTART


The bind for SRSSAMPQ was moved to the IVP section which is accessed by following these steps:


3  Restart     - Configure Smart/RESTART product    
7  Run         - Installation Verification Procedures  
3  Menu 2      - Additional Smart/RESTART IVPs    
Edit and submit the JCL in member SRSBIVPS of the CRAIJCL library to prepare these additional Smart/RESTART IVPs. These IVPS can not run until the SRSBIVPS job completes successfully.  

Regarding the RAI Server we did note the following documentation link:

Change the RAI Server Default Name

In the Note section the following is detailed:
Smart/RESTART and Smart/RRSAF products do not reference the RAI$SNP load module that is built by JCL in RAIJSNP.
They provide their own methods to identify the name of a target RAI Server. For example, for Smart/RESTART 
and Smart/RRSAF jobs, specify SERVER_NAME(RAIT) within the RAINPUT file stream. For details, see the
Smart Jobstream Series, Smart/RESTART, and Smart/RRSAF documentation. The Smart/MONITOR and Smart/PRECOMPILER
components of Smart/RESTART and SQL/Monitor Batch Facility do refer to the values defined in RAI$SNP.

In order to execute the Smart/RRSAF (2  Monitor - Verify SQL/Monitor Batch facility) and
Smart/RESTART (2  Monitor - Start the Smart/MONITOR ISPF Dialog) will require modification
and execution of hlq.CRAIJCL member RAIJSNP to modify the NAME= field to the RAI Server 
name you require which appears to be RJS0.