Symantec MyVIP Email Notification Not Working after adding the Credential
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Symantec MyVIP Email Notification Not Working after adding the Credential


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VIP Service


The Symantec Email notifications are not being sent when credential is added on the MyVIP service portal. 


Release :1.x

Component : VIP Authentication Service


In the January 2022 release of VIP Authentication Service, new features were added and one of them was that an email can be sent when a user adds a credential in the MyVIP portal.

My VIP email notifications

VIP can now send email notifications directly to users when a new credential is registered to them in the My VIP portal. This feature is disabled by default. To enable this feature, contact your VIP account representative or open a support case through the Support Portal and we will work to enable this feature. The VIP account Jurisdiction Hash will be required so please provide that information.
Once enabled, you must configure VIP to send the user email attribute as an out-of-band communication:
For VIP Enterprise Gateway: Edit the user store to include the Email attribute as a search criteria. See Modifying the user search criteria configured for a user store in the VIP Enterprise Gateway online Help for procedures.
For SAML: Configure your IdP to include the email attribute as an out-of-band attribute in the signed SAML assertion to VIP Login. See Symantec VIP Integrating VIP Login for procedures.
You also have to make sure that the Enable Automatic Distribution is set to Yes in the Identity Provider section of the Enterprise Gateway. Read here about Enable Automatic Distribution.