PRJ-07585: : Unique name is read only
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PRJ-07585: : Unique name is read only


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In Release 16.0.3, a new Users Tile is introduced for Administrators to manage the authorization of users in system Groups. 

In addition to assigning groups to Users, I have the ability to update the User properties due to the access granted through the 'Administration - Authorization' right. 

When I try to update a User's Resource ID field, I get the following Toast Message:  PRJ-07585: Unique name is read only.

The field is editable and I can try to edit the ID, but I get the reactive Toast Message. 

If I go into Classic PPM, Administration, Resources, the Resource ID field is showing as read only for the same user. 


Why is the 'Resource ID' field read-only?   

Steps to Reproduce: 

  1. In Modern UX, Navigate to Administration, Users Tile, Users grid 
  2. Click into the 'Resource ID' field for Cheryl Amos (it is open for editing) 
  3. Change the ID from 'cherylAmos' to 'cherylAmos99' and move off of the field to save the value 



Release: 16.0.3 

Component: Administration Organization and Access, Administration User Management, Administration Groups Management, Administration Integrations setup Management   


The 'Resource ID' field on the Resource Object is using an auto-numbering scheme.  This will cause the field to be read-only. 


Here are different reasons why the Resource ID field cannot be updated: 

  • The 'Resource ID' field is enabled for auto-number 
    • Toast Message: PRJ-07585: Unique name is read only.
  • The value entered is the same as an existing Resource ID
    •  Toast Message: PRJ-07504: Resource ID already exists. 
  • The financial properties have been populated for the resource (and cannot be cleared out) 
    • Toast Message:  Unable to modify resource. Resource ID cannot be changed once financial data is entered. 


By design:

  • In the Modern UX, the Resource ID field remains open for editing and provides a reactive Toast Message based on the different 'use cases' described 
    • Due to the nature of the generic grid we don't provide a 'read-only' UX treatment per cell within the grid 
    • The cells remain open for editing and respond with reactive Toast Messages 
  • In Classic PPM, the Resource ID field may be disabled and show read-only for some of the use cases described 

Additional Information

The 'Administration - Authorization' access right grants the user the following permissions: