CORA Configuration to enforce by serial number
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CORA Configuration to enforce by serial number


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CA Service Management - Asset Portfolio Management


The current scenario is that whenever someone creates a new CI with new serial number but already existing asset name then also the CI is getting created. Is there a way we can make the system accept new assets by validating only unique serial number ?


Release : 17.3

Component : ITAM - Other


this may address the requirement to leverage the serial number field as a unique field in ITAM. The requirement being to disallow adding an asset with the same serial number as the existing one.

CORA handles such a scenario and throws a validation error message.

  1. Enable CORA settings as per the below screenshot-

  2. Save the settings.

  3. Perform an IISRESET on ITAM Web and App servers.

  4. Login to the ITAM UI.

  5. Create a test asset ,on Hardware.Server asset family with example properties -

    Asset Name:- hw_server_ast01, Serial Number:- hw_server_ser001.  

    This asset should be saved successfully.

  6. Now, try creating another asset on the same asset family with same serial number ( to simulate the duplicate asset scenario)

    Asset Name:- hw_server_ast02, Serial Number:- hw_server_ser001.

    You would be shown a validation failed message.

The CORA API enforces uniqueness of an asset over Serial Number.