Monitoring REST Calls used in Service Point UI
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Monitoring REST Calls used in Service Point UI


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Customer is using REST Web Services with Service Point.  During testing, finding that the REST Call /gs/mytkt_active is not returning any results, despite appearing to execute successfully.  Question is how does Service Point itself use REST calls


Release : 17.3

Component : SDM - xFlow


Service Point UI uses most, if not, all of the defined REST calls in its functionality.

In the above example, the "/gs/mytkt_active" call corresponds to accessing the "My Recent Tickets" section of Service Point, under the "Open ()" subtab.  One can use the browser's native Developer tools and review its Network tab and filter on the above REST call to view the given calls that the Service Point UI is making.

Please see the screencap example below, noting the areas of interest circled in red.

Additional Information

If there are no results being returned while running the above REST call "/gs/mytkt_active", it is possible that the login being used has no results associated. 

Another scenario had been caused by the usage of TLSv12. After removing the references to it in both the igateway.conf and techpoz.dxc files on EEM, the given REST call worked.