Dist receiver task is often running and taking several minutes to complete
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Dist receiver task is often running and taking several minutes to complete


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In System Delivery Engine, "Dist Receiver" Task is often executed and takes several minutes to complete.

This is blocking the building and evaluation of SD Job Containers and put the tasks in Differed status. 



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Dist Receiver task is used for 2 things :
1- Receive distribution of SD Package from Enterprise Server
2- Asset reporting. 
Asset reporting is used to report the 3 numbers which appear in distributions folder of the SD Package :
E Adm : number installation made from Enterprise Server
L Adm : number installation made from Domain Server
SWD : number of detected installation

In large database with a lot of asset this could take several minutes.


In configuration policy applied on the Domain Manager set a time range for execution of Asset report task
Example (between 18h and 20h) :
DSM/Software Delivery/Manager/Maintenance: Asset report start hour = 18
DSM/Software Delivery/Manager/Maintenance: Asset report end hour = 20
Asset reporting will only be executed between 18h and 20h

Additional Information

See Client Automation documentation :

Manager Policy Group - Software Delivery Configuration