Integrate with OAuth 2.0 endpoint
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Integrate with OAuth 2.0 endpoint


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CA API Gateway


We have a downstream oauth 2 token server. 

Server system want use to integrate with Client Credentials GrantType, What assertions we shall be using ?

We are in Multi-Node environment, How does the single system-system token works ? Because token validity is 24 hours, all the nodes (6 or 8 or 10) must use same token for 24 hrs before we submit new token request or refresh token.




Release : 10.0

Component : API GATEWAY


Did a simple 1 line policy with a route via http(s), we used a hardcoded query parameter to show that you can obtain a down stream token,

https://mytokenserver:port/token?[email protected]&client_secret=auth123&grant_type=client_credentials

This obtains a token you can parameterize this to include details in the request. variables OR cluster properties gateway.someclusterprop or other.