View - Mixing SAR ERO table entries.
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View - Mixing SAR ERO table entries.


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 Is it okay to mix ERO table entries, such as RETPD and GENS, within the same entry, such as :

/*                      ALL DGENS=5 GENS=90      RETPD=397  

Our belief is the RETPD would take precedence and not remove/delete/scratch the entry from View.

Although it may be confusing at some point, we have a mix of entries within some tables and didn't want to remove the GENS parameter as we've inherited some of those during mergers with other companies and wanted to keep those entries so as not to encounter any issues moving forward.

We're attempting to standardize the RETPD across all of our complexes.


Release : 14.0

Component : View


In an ERO table statement, there can be fields of different types.

Whichever fields designate the longest amount of time for retention to be used, the field to be used must exceed all other time-similar parameters.

For example, if there is GENS=10 and RETPD=100, if (via the SARINIT DAYS=YYYYYYY), there is a standard backup run per day, then GEN will be satisfied in 10 days, however RETPD will not be satisfied until 100 days has passed, so the report will be kept for 100 days.

If there is COPIES=10 and RETPD=100, if there is a reason to stop running a given job and there are only 5 occurrences, or copies, then the sysout will be kept forever.

To remove/delete from the database it has to satisfy both, but if it has not satisfied COPIES, it will not be removed/deleted.

Again, the timeframe that is used is the one that keeps the report for the longest amount of time.