Error received when trying to download the ARD Hub Docker image
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Error received when trying to download the ARD Hub Docker image


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CA Agile Requirements Designer


Tryying to download the ARD Hub Docker image but are receiving error: "Error reading manifest in unauthorized: 

The token is download from the Broadcom website and the corresponding user name


The error we are seeing 

bash --get-filesMon Jul 11 10:42:24 EDT 2022ARD Hub deploymentLogin Succeeded!Pulling images from
podman pull
Trying to pull
Getting image source signatures
Copying blob sha256:d01dc498b4310f3c032a1b5b2d7db5a2fac5fc6d7c55ccad9b6571068a1441f4
Copying blob sha256:bfeba987e28da2d0f8fcd7db2646a9079516c7f8d3b44c00a6db15882096ba10
Copying blob sha256:320772a68f3e013b41ef24c829267aaf8dc21031ab5107cdb9352e9ab94d3d04
Copying blob sha256:772ddcfe902df4f5ab10445d215072411639e3167d4877e314019fd74c7f12eb
Copying blob sha256:d0f9ccb99b1ad8ce8c294b3d30630ad6aabbc5d0699bbb33227795cfb4c7fdf4
Copying blob sha256:9db5d6ac981890d33861fe234ac4545fb00e7587aafdd68a93dfd699f1ce3a01
Copying blob sha256:f0ebc3ed510ee9c212074abe58a2f6e7fba1dff82ec07578019ddfeb0ef3a31b
Error: Error reading blob sha256:59bf1c3509f33515622619af21ed55bbe26d24913cedbca106468a5fb37a50c3: Get "": Forbidden
Failed to pull


Release : 3.2.5

podman version 3.2.3 ( Docker)

Red Hat Enterprise Linux release 8.5 (Ootpa)


We don't support Podman and RedHat version 8.x



Install a supported version of Docker and RHEL as per techDoc link:

Docker 19.03.12 and Docker Compose 1.26.2,

RedHat Enterprise Linux 7.x,