NetOps Portal VNA reports show less Versa based Tunnels than configured
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NetOps Portal VNA reports show less Versa based Tunnels than configured


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CA Performance Management - Usage and Administration DX NetOps


DX NetOps Performance Management (PM) is integrated with Virtual Network Assurance (VNA) which has the Versa plugin configured.

There are 84 Tunnels configured in Versa per Site. In the PC Portal SDN related Dashboards and related Inventory Views we see a variety of Tunnel counts per Site.

One might show 40. Another 56. What seems consistent is those Tunnels that are down/dead/inactive for some known reason aren't present.

Not all Tunnels are showing up for devices. We see some with less than the full 84 tunnels per that are configured in Versa.


All supported DX NetOps Virtual Network Assurance releases


These Tunnels are in the Inventory VNA retrieved from Versa. But because of their state in Versa it returns no data for those Tunnels. As a result our reports are only providing Tunnel items from Inventory that have data associated to them. Any Tunnel from Versa that has no data sent from Versa aren't listed but are in the systems Inventory.


Ideal solution is Versa sending state values of some kinda for these types of interfaces. That would allow improved categorization and organization of those Tunnels. It would also allow accurate reporting of those Tunnels in that state due to problems vs those in that state due to being disabled or something similar via their configurations.

For now there is a proposed idea from engineering to resolve it. They suggest we enhance the SD-WAN Tunnel (Card) View on the SD-WAN Tunnel Statistics Dashboard.

They suggest a change that requires new code but is similar to a change made for another customer and technology. The enhancment to the SD-WAN Tunnel (Card) View would be the addition of a new Tile. It would function similarly to the existing Tiles already present and would list Tunnels with no data in the time period set on the Dashboard. Note that with no status values coming in for these Tunnels from Versa, it wouldn't show much about those Tunnels.

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