What are the permissions required for creating Dashboard
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What are the permissions required for creating Dashboard


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


In setting up a user to create dashboards for a specific group, the following error message is displayed:

You are not authorized to create this dashboard


Release : 12.3 and 21.0



In the Authorizations page for a user, not all of the required authorizations were granted.


In order to create a dashboard, the minimum Authorizations required are

Minimum Authorizations requirements are

Object Type    DASH
Name              DASH
Read Permissions

Object type      FOLD
Name               \DASHBOARDS
Write Permissions

Object Type    DASH
Name              *
Read and Write Permissions

This allows you to create a dashboard with any name

If restrictions on the name are required, such as the name can only begin with "DEC" for example, then replace the asterisk for the DASH object with DEC* as:

Now, this user can only create dashboards where the name begins with DEC.
If any other beginning is attempted, the same "you are not authorized" error message is displayed



NOTE: If this is a brand new client, an admin user will need to login who has write access to the root (/) folder in the client and they need to click on the "Home" button in the upper left of the AWI so that the /DASHBOARD folder is created.  This is especially true in version 21.0 where users are not automatically taken to the dashboards section on first login.

Additional Information

The very minimum Privileges required are Access to Dashboards