Catchval of TOD Rule in MSF environment
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Catchval of TOD Rule in MSF environment


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OPS/MVS Event Management & Automation


Catch-up processing means whether or not the rule is executed when OPSMVS is stopped at the time the rule is scheduled, right?
Does it mean that after OPSMVS starts up, the outstanding rules that should be executed are executed?
What happens if the OPSMVS of a LOCAL that uses the MSF function is not yet operational and the Catchbal function is used?


Release : 14.0

Component : OPS/MVS


TOD rule Catchup processing is done when OPSMAIN initializes and a TOD rule with catchup specified has not been fired due to OPSMAIN not being up during the scheduled fire time of the rule. 
All TOD rules that did not fire and were scheduled to during OPSMAIN down time would ALL fire at OPSMAIN initialization, this also means that if a TOD rule missed more than 1 firing time that it would fire for how many times that were missed. 
TOD rule Catchup processing occurs separately for each copy of OPS/MVS regardless of system or MSF connections. 
Catchup processing uses a global variable to store information, so this makes it unique per copy of OPS/MVS.