Single-Sign-On SSO
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Single-Sign-On SSO


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How do we setup and integrate SSO with the Appneta SaaS portal ?


I order to facilitate SSO setup with Broadcom's SSO facilitator (Okta), we require that the customer provide us with the following to initiate the process:

  1. Please provide the following:
    1. Keyword. A keyword to use for the customers new federated endpoint url, which will take the form <keyword>
    2. Customer Metadata. A SAML metadata file generated by the customer's identity provider (IdP).
    3. Organization. The customer's organizations that should use single sign-on (customers at times have more than one org within the SaaS portal).

     2. Ask the customer to map the correct attributes from the corporate directory to properties in SAML assertions that AppNeta Performance Manager expects.
              “email” : The attribute value must correspond to user email address.
              “groups” : The attribute value must correspond to one or more named collection of users, each of which will eventually be mapped to an APM role.


Additional Information

For more information, please have a look at the SSO page for AppNeta: