ntservices-configure profiles for service names in mixed case versus lowercase on some machines
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ntservices-configure profiles for service names in mixed case versus lowercase on some machines


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We have been working on AD servers monitoring requirement from a user and we have created a package for monitoring specific AD services in the NTservices probe. While creating the package we have used the exact service name as shown in the ntservices probe on one of AD servers and after pushing this package on a set of  AD servers we noticed some servers' service names are case sensitive (different case) in the ntservices probe.

We checked the probe and noticed service names are in uppercase in some servers, but in the package we have given lower case letters for service names. How can we resolve this case sensitive problem of service names in the ntservices probe?


  • Release : 20.3
  • Component : UIM NTSERVICES
  • ntservices: 3.50
  • OS: Windows 2012
  • Development environment


- ntservices configuration


The following steps explain how to deploy the ntservices package enabling any service in multiple servers when the service name is lower case in some servers and mixed case in some other servers.
For example, in one server the service name is W32Time and in another server the same service name is w32time.
Listed below are the steps to deploy the package by enabling this service in both servers.

Follow the steps below:

  1. Deploy the ntservices probe from scratch on robot in DEV where you're testing
  2. Drag and drop the newly deployed probe to the probe archive
  3. Rename the package
  4. Edit the cfx file in the package as shown below

  • In a few servers, the service name might be in lowercase (ex: w32time) and in a few servers, service name might be in 'mixed' case (ex: W32Time).
  • So essentially, we need to copy the whole service section and paste it again and then change the service name to lower/mixed to keep both lowercase and mixed case service sections.
  • Add “edit” directive (keyword) as shown in the image above and then change the active to “yes” to activate the service and then save the package.
  • Then you may deploy this package to all of your robots and verify if the w32time or W32Time service is enabled or not.

You can take the same approach for any/all services that may display differently on different machines.