Deliver - Receiving $HASP913 error messages when using Deliver
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Deliver - Receiving $HASP913 error messages when using Deliver


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In trying to use Deliver, as it is set to using internal security, the following $HASP913 messages are received:


Release : 14.0

Component :


It was determined that this was not a Deliver security issue, as the client found there was an error with their function HJISAUTO, as well as with some CICS regions. 

It was found that ACF2 automatically inherits the LogonID and source information of the submitter, unless the submitter is a started task

Users do need to specify UserID and Password information on their batch jobs unless they want the job to run under a different security environment than their own. 

When a job is submitted by a started task (like RMOSTC), the job must contain LogonID information; otherwise, the job runs under the batch default. 

If no batch default LogonID exists, the job submission fails. 

The batch default is specified in the Global Systems Options (GSO) OPTS record. 

For more information, see ACF2 Option Specifications (OPTS).