Negative ETC at task assignment level is accepted between positive cell values
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Negative ETC at task assignment level is accepted between positive cell values


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Negative ETC accepted at task assignments TSV fields if entered between two positive periods.

You can then create negative allocation segments by calling the Allocate From Estimates action.



This is reproducible in both Classic and Modern UX

  1. Create a project, add a team member, create a task and assign the resource to the same
  2. In Classic go to the task assignments and ensure the assignment ETC is 0
  3. The ETC by Period TSV field shows weekly periods with no data
  4. On the first available cell enter a positive value and save.
  5. Add a negative value instead
  6. At saving it gets blanked out
  7. It happens the same is there is a positive values on a cell and you enter a negative one as the last cell
  8. Add a negative value on a cell between 2 positive cells and save

Expected results: Negative ETC values not to save

Actual results: The negative ETC value is saved if it is located between two positive figures 

  1. Go to the team tab, select the resource and call the Allocate from Estimates action


Expected results: The negative ETC to be ignored and the negative allocation segment not to be created or to create a 0% allocation segment

Actual results: Negative allocation segments are created


This is caused by DE65822


This is fixed in 16.1.0

Additional Information

Additional information: If the team member properties are opened, you can see the allocation segments, also the negative one:

By clicking Save, the negative allocation segment is zeroed out

If you manually add a negative segment, this gets saved as a 0% segment

If you go to the Team Detail page, Allocation by Period type, and try to enter a negative value on a cell, you get an error: Valid range for Allocation is 0 - 99999999999.