Tracking changes via logs in Clarity (vs Audit)
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Tracking changes via logs in Clarity (vs Audit)


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Is there a way to set up logging for some or privileged accounts, such as admin accounts? How to set up a log of who logs in and to capture what actions are performed? How to make any of the log files produced to be immutable so no tampering can occur before upload to an external system?


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  • There is no way to set up logging for auditing.
  • Logging and tracing should only be set up temporarily for troubleshooting as it is a performance overhead and will lead to performance issues in Clarity application. 
  • Any Clarity attributes changes that are considered to be important can be audited via Object audit, by going on the specific object and selecting the attributes for Audit.
  • This will add the information in the audit portlets in Clarity and Clarity reports for anything that has been modified/inserted/deleted for that specific attribute, for all users.
  • There is no way to make the log immutable, they are overwriting all the time. You may consider backing them up more often.
  • Broadcom Support strongly advises that logging should not be used for auditing.