Log Analysis page filtering not consistent and pages may be broken by adding filter
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Log Analysis page filtering not consistent and pages may be broken by adding filter


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Log Analysis page filtering - Show All/Clear or some changes in filter will break Slow Actions by Day results, adding filter to Slow Pages Top 20, breaks the Log Analysis: Daily Page/XOG Views completely with error 500


  1. On a used test environment, connect to Reports and Jobs and run Tomcat Analyze job for yesterday or any past day that has Clarity activity i.e. on MUX Task module
  2. Once the job completed go to Administration - Log Analysis
  3. Filter on the same date and Environment = local
  4. Now scroll down to portlet Slow Actions by Day
  5. Note different entries in this portlet for that day
  6. Select the gear icon - Configure - List Filter Section - layout
  7. Add all the fields in the Filter to Selected, select Allow Power filter, Save and return
  8. Repeat the same for portlet Slow Pages Top 20 in Daily Page/XOG Views
  9. Filter on a URL short in Daily Page/XOG Views
  10. Now go in the portlet Slow Actions by Day and try to filter on a specific value, i.e. date and url_short =oba.Tasks (make sure the value is already present in all results before filtering)
  11. Note the result displays at first. Now click Show All & try filtering again

Expected Results:  The values to display and portlets to work consistently

Actual Results:

  • The value does not always display (There are no items to display)
  • Or if you click Show All it would just display no results
  • Or Clear and Filter again, again no results
  • Or remove and add another date

XOG Slow action portlet will throw error 500 and error in logs is:

\ERROR 2022-07-07 11:56:26,878 [http-nio-1602-exec-1109] union.persistence (clarity:admin:5368060__E75ADBAA-2461-49A6-B336-BE2DEDD5778F:npt.gridFilter) Exception on nsql_internal statement log_clstr_slow_pages_by_period:5047017

java.sql.SQLSyntaxErrorException: [CA Clarity][Oracle JDBC Driver][Oracle]ORA-00904: "MYTAB"."URL_ACTION": invalid identifier


Release : 16.0.2


This is DE65809, fixed in 16.1.0


  • Power Filter will consistently work, use Power Filter
  • Or use page filter again, once done, filter immediately in Slow Actions by Day portlet and no longer change the portlet filter
  • If you just refresh the page, the wrong filter will still be applied
  • To fix Slow Top 20 portlet there is no identified workaround for the error 500 yet