XCOM Control Center Configuration Tab
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XCOM Control Center Configuration Tab


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XCOM Data Transport - z/OS


We are currently using the XCOM Control Center in our environment, and when we were navigating thru it, we found the Configuration Tab. It was noticed that values of certain parameters could be modified from the Configuration tab.  We'd like to know if we give access to our monitoring team, would they be able of change the configuration of the XCOM?

If the answer is yes, we'd like to know how we can restrict these users from modifying any of those parameter values. We have specified SECURITY=RACF in the CONFIG member, and the monitoring team should only have read access for the CC_RESOURCE and parameters. 


Release : 12.0

Component : XCOM Data Transport for z/OS


Yes, any user can change the value of certain parameter from the Control Center Config tab, if the operator commands are not protected.

In this case, you can prevent a user from modifying the value of those parameters in the Config tab by protecting the DFLT operator command. Please review the Admin manual for details on how to code the rule for your Security package.

The DFLT command allows a user to modify the values of a limited set of parameters in the CONFIG member or Config tab. If you take a look at the Control Center Configuration tab, you will see a pencil icon next to those parameters you can modify on the spot. Please review the User manual for a complete list of Operator commands.