Reccomended database specs for Service Desk
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Reccomended database specs for Service Desk


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CA Service Desk Manager CA Service Management - Service Desk Manager


This tech doc describes the reasons why Broadcom does not currently have any SQL database specs for Service Desk


Release : all versions

Component : SDM - MDB/Database


We don't have such documentation/specs. There is KB Article 21152 which discusses performance tuning with SQL Server which may help address performance concerns at the DB level.

Information on recommended DB specs is not available, such  as if there is a certain number of users that may access the database, or what specs you DB server should be. There are too many factors...workload, machine resource, data retention time,  connection quality, DB turning and many others..

For SDM, when you see long running queries pop up often in stdlog, it signals an issue--network connection or database performance and your DBA would need to get involved to investigate. 

Experience tells that any time the SQL DB is huge(like 200 GB) it is time to act--why you have so much data and any way you can control the size and still have the features you need--for example, a mirror DB for historical data etc.

For example, if you have 850+ GB it is definitely too huge and you would need to do something about it to control DB size(like set up a mirror mdb with its own apps so most of the data for auditing/reference will be kept in the mirror mdb instead of the live production mdb), besides the routine archive and purge.

Additional Information

Please review existing documentation which discusses recommended system specifications for the Service Management product.