APM_APMIA_Install - /opt/apmuser/apmia/bin/./APMIAgent.sh: Permission denied
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APM_APMIA_Install - /opt/apmuser/apmia/bin/./APMIAgent.sh: Permission denied


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CA Application Performance Management SaaS


APM_APMIA_Install - /opt/apmuser/apmia/bin/./APMIAgent.sh: Permission denied

Modified apmiactl.sh with set -x to capture commands

Modified conf/wrapper.config and put debug mode no logs


      1. Log on as root on solaris
      1. Untar the downloaded tarball: tar -xf <downloaded_tarball.tar> in /opt/apmuser folder
      2. Made sure that the apmuser's home directory is moved to /opt/apmuser (run command usermod -d /opt/apmuser apmuser)
      3. Change permission → chown apmuser:apmuser -R /opt/apmuser/apmia
      4. Navigate to the apmia directory of APM Infrastructure Agent.
        1. /APMIACtrl.sh install user=apmuser service_name=apmia1
  • Fails /opt/apmuser/apmia/bin/./APMIAgent.sh: Permission denied
  • No wrapper logs.
  • No logs other than install log.
  • Put wrapper log in debug, no log.
  • Install log shows:

*******************Wed Jul 6 15:26:05 EDT 2022 [INFO]*********************

[INFO] Current Shell: /sbin/sh

 [INFO] Home Directory: /

 [INFO] Your O/s Type: SunOS

[INFO] Current directory: /opt/apmuser/apmia

[INFO] APM Infrastructure Agent user entered install

[INFO] APM Infrastructure Agent home /opt/apmuser/apmia

Wed Jul 6 15:26:05 EDT 2022 [INFO] APM Infrastructure Agent Installation In Progress.


      1. Cat /etc/passwd and apmuser  and show bash as shell
      2. Directory is owned by apmuser
      3. Bin changed to root and fails with permission denied
      4. Works on another Solaris
      5. Rbccdbp1





        Solaris  11.4 , Sparc





Release : SAAS

Component : Integration with APM


Problem was, customer was trying login with the terminal by "sudo ksh" where ksh is a shell not a user.

When they tried "Sudo su -" the installation was successful.