Increasing assigned request ID value
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Increasing assigned request ID value


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CA Service Catalog


Is it possible to increase the request ID value. Lets say we now have request ID for the latest Catalog request as 10100 and we want to have the next request to get the number 20001. Is that possible?


Release : 17.3

Component : Catalog - Request Creation


Please try the following to see if this addresses the issue:

  1. Stop Catalog Services.

  2. Go into SQL Server and run this database query.
    SELECT * FROM [usm_lastid] where name = 'request_id'
    This DB query will list the most recent request_id number that was assigned Catalog request ticket. 

  3. Run this DB query to move the request id to a new value (please choose a number larger than the ID value in the previous step).
    update [usm_lastid] set id = 20000 where name = 'request_id'
  4. Start Catalog and test creating a new ticket.

The new ticket created after the above change will be 20001.

Additional Information

Please test the above in a non-prod testing environment first and make appropriate database backups before trying the change in production.