Autosys Agent - Java Vulnerabilities for Java 1.7.0_72-b14
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Autosys Agent - Java Vulnerabilities for Java 1.7.0_72-b14


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CA Workload Automation AE


We need to address the Java/JRE Vulnerabilities found on the version that is being by Autosys Agent software on our Linux servers.

Our Vulnerability management tool (Qualys) is reporting issues with the current version of JRE(8.x) used by the autosys agent

This is the PATH


/opt/CA/WorkloadAutomationAE/JRE__WA/bin/java 1.7.0__72-b14    



Release : 12.0

Component : Workload Automation System Agent


The Agent software had been upgraded to the the r12 release. But the AutoSys Client software was still at an older release that uses Java 1.7.0 _72-b14. When trying to install just the Client from the AutoSys 12.0 Server iso image, it recognizes that the Agent is already at the r12 release and stops. We removed the r12 Agent and then installed the r12 Agent and r12 Client successfully. Now, Java is using the 1.8.x release. The security scan completes successfully and this vulnerability no longer shows up on the report.