SNMP v3 Traps Requirements
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SNMP v3 Traps Requirements


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CA Privileged Access Manager (PAM)



We want to use SNMP Traps for PAM monitoring


Release : 4.0

Component : PAM all versions


WE need the engineID from the snmp data

                  Engine ID - Specifies the SNMPEngineID that is used to uniquely identify SNMP entities

 How can we obtained this ID for each PAM appliance?


WE can obtain via ssh to the appliance, as it is stored in snmpd.conf

Created an script that takes the /var/lib/snmp data (attached to this technical document)

Go to the PAM appliance 


   Diagnostic logs
      System log configuration file

           choose the script attached and open it

                      then press download

It will create a logs.bin file

After decrypting it, you will have the folder /var/lib/snmp
and the EngineID is in snmpd.conf file


Additional Information

Attached var_lib_snmp.bin file and in a zip format

Attachments get_app
var_lib_snmp_1657097160625.bin get_app