When should I run pdm_k_reindex?
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When should I run pdm_k_reindex?


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CA Service Management - Service Desk Manager


Knowledge management is critical to any organization that uses knowledge documents. Besides the configurations as described in


one key piece is pdm_k_reindex to re-index the KT indices. When should you run this command?   


Release : 17.3

Component : SDM - Knowledge/Federated Search/Share Point


The following situations would need pdm_k_reindex

--if you change/create anything in KT search engine

This includes new/edit noise words, special words and synonyms

--if you publish a new knowledge document and you want this document searchable via noise words/special words/synonyms, you would need to run pdm_k_reindex

The published document is searchable via keyword search immediately once it is published. However, it will not be searchable using noise words/special words/synonyms until you run pdm_k_reindex. As such, it is recommended schedule to run

pdm_k_reindex regularly like every midnight.