COBOL mapping issue using versioning
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COBOL mapping issue using versioning


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User is having issues with a version 2 of a map and version 2 of a program – Map was created as copy of Version 1 all, program compiled with Cobol 6. Version 1 of the map used by version 1 of the program also compiled with Cobol 6. Users are getting corrupt data on map version 2, in the 12th of an occurs 15. Looking at MAPC there are no discernable differences in the map definition that would account for this error. 


Release : 19.0

Component : IDMS MAPPING


DCUF TEST works with versioned entities.  In testing DCUF TEST with non-versioned entities, such as a COBOL program,  some additional preparation is necessary.

If a DCMT VDP xxxxxxxx VERSION 2 ASM|COBOL is issued , and a DCMT DIS PRO xxxxxxx is issued:

   DIS PRO xxxxxxxx V 2.                                       
Program Name xxxxxxxx                 Ddname          V0002   
Type                  PROGRAM             Type               LOADLIB       
Language          ASM                       Dictname                      
Size (bytes)       00006480               Dictnode  

Note the Ddname to load version 2 of the module is V0002, and not CDMSLIB.

Tried the following:

Copied version 1 of a map to version 2 using MAPC, and compiled the map.

Pre-processed and compiled a program using version 2 of the map into a 'V0002' load library.

Added a V0002 DDname to the CV JCL, citing the 'V002' load library, and cycled CV.

Defined a version 2 of the program (DCMT VDP xxxxxxxx Version 2 COBOL, or SYSGEN definition/CV-cycle both work).

Issued DCUF TEST 2. 

Entered the task code to invoke the program, and version 2 of the program and map were loaded and utilized.