Spectrum local OneClick User cannot login
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Spectrum local OneClick User cannot login


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CA Spectrum


We installed a new SpectroSERVER in the DSS.  A new user (non LDAP  user) and assigned the new Landscape to this user but this user cannot login to OneClick.  

If we add the MLS to the allowed landscapes, the user can login.

In the tomcat log you will see the following error which indicates that tomcat his trying to contact LDAP (in vain) which in turn means the local authentication fails:

11.03.2022 10:29:58 - SPC-OCA-10598: User xxx attempted to logon to browser page from host yyy but authorization failed with error: SPC-OCA-10488: Either the user name does not exist in the external authentication database or the entered password is Invalid.



Release : 20.2

Component :


10.04.03.PTF_10.4.302.  Please check the attached release notes for instructions.


        SPECTRUM 10.04.00 and 10.04.03 are the prerequisites for installation of this patch.

 This patch needs to be installed on OneClick Server.


        This is a PTF patch for the following issue:

 DE493405 Details:
  Symptom :  Authentication Failed for Local users only.\n. 
  Resolution:  Authentication is successful for Local users.\n. 
  (DE493405, 32532384)