VNA Alarm filter question
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VNA Alarm filter question


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CA Virtual Network Assurance


We have VNA 21.2.8 integrated with spectrum 21.2.8 and are using VNA for Viptela alarms sync.  I want one type of alarm not being send to spectrum so created the following filter:


  "ENGINE_ID": "engineid",

  "FILTER_TYPE": "blacklist",



  "ACKNOWLEDGED": false,




  "STATE": [




When I create this filter, it acknowledged ALL VNA alarms, not only the filtered alarms. 

I assumed the filter entries were an AND, but it seems they use an OR operator. Can this be confirmed please?

Is the above filter correct for what I'm trying to do i.e. one alarm type that needs to be filtered?


Release : 21.2

Component : Virtual Network Assurance For CA Spectrum


Since the engine is used as static string no filter applied -  "ENGINE_ID": "engineid".

For blacklist OR will be applied and and for whitelist AND will be applied.

The above config will filter any alarms with unknown severity or unknown state or name 
make sure you add correct severity and state specific to the alarm, otherwise filter will block all alarms of the given severity or state.

Also the below should be false, unless you would like to clear all existing alarms in VNA and spectrum