How to erase SR8 records for deleted user-owned index set
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How to erase SR8 records for deleted user-owned index set


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A user-owned index set was deleted by removing the set definition and doing restructure to remove the index pointers from the owner and member records. 

However, after the successful restructure of the records, the SR8 records are left in the area. How can they be deleted?

Is our procedure correct, or is there another utility that we need to use to ensure that the SR8 records are removed when the index set is removed?



Release : 19.0

Component : IDMS/DB


To delete a user-owner index you need to write a program that calls IDMSTBLU and passes owner and member record information.

See the IDMS documentation section MAINTAIN INDEX under heading Maintaining user-owned indexes.

Article 9599 - Sample front-end program for rebuilding user-owned indexed sets, which provides a sample program that calls IDMSTBLU.  

In this case the set was removed and record restructured to remove pointers but the SR8s remain in the area.

To remove these SR8s an unload/reload needs to be performed on the area. SR8s not connected to any set will not be accessed by the unload. The format of the area performed before the reload will remove these remaining SR8s.