Way to start or delete NetQoSVnaDataCollector service
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Way to start or delete NetQoSVnaDataCollector service


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CA Network Flow Analysis (NetQos / NFA) DX NetOps


On our harvesters there is a service named NetQoSVnaDataCollector. It's at autostart but not running on the servers

What is the purpose of this service?



Release : 10.x/ 21.2.x

Component :NFA VNA data collector service


This is a optional component 

Unless you have actually configured the VNA Collector component, this service cannot be started. 

So in the vast majority of environments it is normal behavior that this service cannot be started.

For more information on configuring the vna data collector service if you intend to use it, please see below links:

AWS VPC for CA Network Flow Analysis 

NetQoSVnaDataCollector service doesn't start up 

But in general, there should be no need to start this service.