Data Not Populating in UMA Dashboards
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Data Not Populating in UMA Dashboards


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CA Application Performance Management SaaS


UMA data is not populating in any of the dashboards in tenant.

last seen was 06/21



Release : SAAS

Component : Integration with APM


We have fixed the issue in the latest version of the UMA dashboards. I believe that th customer has made a copy of old UMA dashboards to create their own custom dashboard view. So, can you check with the customer whether the issue is also observed in OOB UMA dashboards (available in the General folder) ? 

If it is not seen in OOB UMA dashboards then the customer can make a copy of new dashboards or can change the settings of the variables as explained in the below email chain, i.e. "to set “Refresh” to “On Time Range Change” and uncheck “Exclude Time” accordingly", to resolve the issue. This could have performance impact.


Additional Information

- What was the fix you mentioned?

The fix for DE528609: OOTB UMA Dashboards: Variables to be updated for avoiding TAS issues and limitations.

- When was it applied?

The fix was scheduled to be included in the DX Dashboards SaaS update this April.

- Could it be applied to the 100 UMA Dashboards when this fix happens?. If not, what fix would they have to apply?

The fix was intended for the default UMA dashboards in the DX Dashboards General section.  If the customer copied the default UMA dashboards prior to the fix update to create their custom version, then they would need to update the dashboard variable settings as mentioned in the workaround suggestion.

- Do we give notice of the fix?

The fix info is supposed included in the DX Dashboads release notes -  But the link for the 22.04 release is broken and we can't verified at this time. 


- Any idea why issue appeared and then disappeared?

The data needed for determining the cluster list were likely unavailable or compromised at times due to some unforeseen conditions such as increased payload, time range change, potential performance/network issues, etc.