DSA fails to start
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DSA fails to start


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One or more DSA fail to start and in the <dsaname>_alarm.log:

The DXgrid .db file failed to load as it contains the object identifier '(' which is not defined in the directory schema. If using a copy of the .db file, please ensure the schema used by the DSA matches where the .db file was sourced.


Release : 12.8.x

Component : CA dxserver DSA


As the error indicates, you have data present in the DSA (within <dsaname>.db file under DATA location) that contains attributes and values while the actual attributes (.dxc file) are not present in the definition.

Most commonly you are missing to 'source' in the .dxc file for this DSA.


Verify in "DXHOME/config/servers/<dsaname>.dxi" the SCHEMA section and make sure you are sourcing the correct .dxc files that are tied to the data already present in your DSA.

(NOTE: During the startup phase, the DSA performs a one-one check on existing data with known attribute(s) definitions. If anything is missing, it reports this error.)