Cloud SWG Portal time showing incorrect time zone location
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Cloud SWG Portal time showing incorrect time zone location


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Cloud Secure Web Gateway - Cloud SWG


Cloud SWG Administrators from China login to the Cloud Portal where they see the Australia time zone reported.

Cloud SWG administrators in other parts of the world show the correct country reported.




Browser cannot get country code selection from OS and reports the default time zone for that location.


Cosmetic issue with location displayed due to missing info from host OS - timezone information is key and is correct.

Additional Information

Javascript executed on browser when admin logs into Portal, where country and timezone information is returned. 

If the browser is unable to get the specific time zone selection that has been made in the host operating system, the only information that we have to base the timezone text on is the timezone offset information. The Portal is able to detect the timezone info for both summer time and winter time, and base the guess on that.

From the Cloud SWG administrators located in China, we can tell that the TZ offset is +8:00 in both summer and winter and assumed this to be 'Australia/Perth' - correct timezone but wrong location. 

We could theoretically change the text to China/Beijing, but we'd have calls from Australian customers saying that the country is wrong! There really isn't a good solution here that will please everyone.





When the Cloud Portal loads, we only know the time zone offset that the browser is running in. The country selection in the OS is not given to the browser. So we have to use that TZ offset to calculate the text that we show on screen.