Network Path - Connectivity loss to target
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Network Path - Connectivity loss to target


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We have a Network Path that is reporting 'Connectivity loss to target (Could not connect to target)'. The monitoring point can resolve
   the target's name, however, it still shows unable to connect.


Although the target name can be resolved and TCP shows connectivity there needs to be ICMP / UDP connectivity.

  Dual Ended Paths ( <-> )  (target is also a monitoring point or an AppNeta Global Monitoring Target) UDP connectivity is required.
  Single Ended Paths ( -> )  ICMP connectivity is required.

In this case, the target is a GMT and we can see that there is no UDP connectivity from the Source to any hop along the way. This would
  typically indicate that a firewall is blocking UDP traffic to the target.


Ensure that the firewall is configured to allow bi-directional UDP traffic (dual ended path). 



Note: For single ended paths make sure ICMP traffic is allowed to the target


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