Update failure when editing data source connections for Symantec DLP and Symantec DAR integrations
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Update failure when editing data source connections for Symantec DLP and Symantec DAR integrations


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Information Centric Analytics


When attempting to change the data source for a Symantec DLP or Symantec DAR integration, the following error is displayed in a splash screen in the Information Centric Analytics (ICA) console:

Request Failed
Your request failed. Click 'OK' to close this window or 'Refresh' to refresh the page.
Try again or contact the site Administrator.

Error ID: n

After clicking 'OK', the following error is displayed in the Edit Connection Settings window (depending upon the type of integration being edited):

The connection settings for the Symantec Data At Rest database failed to update.

The connection settings for the Symantec Data Loss Prevention database failed to update.


Release : 6.5.4

Component : Symantec DLP Integration Pack, Symantec DAR Integration Pack


This issue only occurs when the original data source is not online or otherwise accessible from the server hosting Microsoft SQL Server and the RiskFabric database. E.g., during a failover event, or when a server has been decommissioned prior to updating the data source integration.

This error is caused by a validation check that tests the previous data source connection while attempting to create a linked server for the new data source connection. Because the original linked server is dropped at the start of the update process and the former data source is no longer available, the validation check fails.


The logic for the validation check will be updated to handle the conditions described above in an upcoming release of ICA.

To manually update the data source connection after encountering this error, follow this procedure:

  1. Open SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS)
  2. Connect to the Database Engine hosting the RiskFabric database
  3. From the File menu, select New > Query with Current Connection
  4. Copy the following query and paste it into the new query editor window:
    USE RiskFabric;
    SELECT LinkedServerID,
    FROM LinkedServers
    WHERE LinkedServerType IN ('DLP','DAR');
  5. Execute the query by pressing the F5 key, clicking the Execute button in the SQL Editor toolbar, or selecting Execute from the Query menu
  6. Note the LinkedServerName of the affected data source connection in the Results window
  7. In Object Explorer, navigate to Server Objects > Linked Servers
  8. Right-click the Linked Servers folder and select New Linked Server
  9. In the New Linked Server window on the General page, enter the following values:
    1. Linked server: use the linked server name identified in step 6
    2. Server type: Other data source
    3. Provider: Oracle Provider for OLE DB
    4. Product name: Oracle
    5. Data source: enter the host name or IP address of Oracle database server hosting the DLP database, and the database service name, in the following format: host/service
    6. Provider string: <leave blank>
    7. Catalog: <leave blank>
  10. Select the Security page
  11. In the list of connections options, select Be made using this security context and enter the username and password of the account to be used to authenticate to the database server
  12. Click the OK button to close the New Linked Server window

Additional Information

KB article 221299 documents the procedure for updating Symantec DLP and Symantec DAR data source connections as part of a planned migration.