n10 (Windows NMP) Signing Certificate Expiring July 30, 2022
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n10 (Windows NMP) Signing Certificate Expiring July 30, 2022


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On July 30, 2022 the signing certificate for the n10 Windows NMP will expire, this means that if you go to install a new n10 using an old setup file you will be prompted – as part of the request to run at administrative privilege – with a warning that the signing certificate has expired. You will need to manually acknowledge this alert to continue the setup process.


Appneta SaaS portal
Appneta On-Premise (vPCA)


The signing certificate for Windows n10's expires on July 30 and will be replaced with a new signing certificate in newly downloaded setup files from Appneta SaaS portal or the Appneta on-premise portal. 


  • For end-users of Windows computers, about to install:
    After verifying that the expired signature on the installer is from Appneta, accept the alert you see when you launch a stale installer, and continue with the installation.
  • For administrators of organizations on SaaS portals AND
    For administrators of On-Premise (vPCA):
    • delete old pre-built install and update packages and replace with versions signed by the new certificate (13.9.1 or later), whether
      • For sharing with end users or
      • For deployment through SCCM products.
    • Also, if your organization is holding back some users from the latest version, contact Customer Support to make sure your organization is deploying 13.9.1 ONLY through the Update Manager to all its users. After July 30 NO updates to earlier versions will complete successfully.
  • For existing users of Windows N10:
    • If you have a version earlier than 13.7, ask your Organization administrator to help you update to the newest version.
    • If you have a version 13.7 or later, the latest version should be delivered to you automatically (checked for every day or so) – nothing more need be done.

Additional Information

Appneta's vPCA operations team will be manually replacing Windows n10 images in on-premise instances through scheduled maintenance windows beginning July 1, 2022


This will be fully addressed with the vPCA Release 15.22.1.