Reinstalling Rally Services VM
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Reinstalling Rally Services VM


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CA Agile Central On Premise (Rally)


This article covers the steps to reinstall the services virtual machine if it has become corrupt or unstable


Release : 2.0+



  1. Locate your Rally license
  2. Locate your SFTP key if applicable
  3. Locate your services OVA file
  4. Provision a new VM
  5. Consider whether you will be assigning the existing services VM IP to the new VM, or adjusting DNS records to point to the new IP

Note: While a backup is always a good practice, there will not be any need to make use of or restore any backup images during this process.


  1. Access the application Dashboard and click the Settings link in the top nav menu
  2. Copy the database URL and save it to a text file
  3. To prevent future accidental database corruption change the URL to and click Save
  4. Click Settings in the top nav menu again
  5. Note any additional settings that need to be transferred to the new VM such as LDAP settings.
  6. Click the gear icon and click Console Settings
  7. Note any configuration items here that need to be transferred over to the new VM, such as backup settings.
  8. Shut down the VM
  9. Provision a new VM if not already done and use the services OVA file to begin the installation process described in the admin guide.
  10. Once the new VM has been started, open a browser and access the services VM on port 8800
  11. Proceed through the prompts, providing an SSL cert if needed
  12. Upload your existing license file (Do not choose "Restore from a snapshot")
  13. Choose your installation type (Airgapped/non-airgapped)
  14. Choose your admin console (dashboard) authentication type
  15. After pre-flight checks have completed, you may begin to enter the configuration parameters you saved previously
  16. If this machine will have a different IP than the original VM, it may be necessary to update DNS records to point to the new IP


Additional Information

Backout Plan:

If the new VM fails to provision, or it is determined to be needed to roll back to the original VM

  1. Power this machine off
  2. Turn the original VM back on
  3. Input the original JDBC URL in the settings
  4. Update DNS records to the original IP if applicable