DX RESTMon not publishing alarms into SAAS OI
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DX RESTMon not publishing alarms into SAAS OI


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DX Operational Intelligence


We are looking for some assistance on debugging a profile/schema related to StackDriver (googlecloudmonitoring) with RESTMon. The RESTMon is successfully running but not publishing alarms into SAAS OI. The issue may be with the schema configuration, but cannot identify what is incorrect.


Release : 21.3

Component : CA DOI RESTMON


Resolved the issue by identifying an issue within the webhook on GCP.

Additional Information

To collect additional details about the issue, you can take the following steps.

Make sure restmon in DEBUG mode.

On the StackDriver (googlecloudmonitoring) where you configure the webhook for the restmon, there is option to send the test data. The option is similar to the following.

Test Connection to send a test payload to the Webhook endpoint.

Please do 2/3 test about a couple of minutes apart.

Review restmon log. You can contact support, send the restmon log and time of the test.