Stage attribute under Board Option is not available in MUX
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Stage attribute under Board Option is not available in MUX


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In the Modern UX, you are trying to select 'Stage' under Projects>>View Options>>Board Options>>Column but it is not there

The attribute shows as API enabled under the Investment Object

Steps to Recreate

  1. Log into the MUX
  2. Click on the Projects icon
  3. Click on the View Options icon
  4. Under Board Options>>Columns, search for 'Stage'

Expected Results - You are able to select the 'Stage' attribute

Actual Results - 'Stage' is not available to select





Release : All Supported Releases

Component : Clarity Studio


This is working as designed.

The 'Investment Stage' or 'Stage' attribute is associated with the 'Investment Type' Lookup (Lookup Id = INV_TYPE).  This is a system-restricted, Static Dependent List. System-restricted lookups indicate that there might be restrictions, limitations, or built-in logic associated with the Lookup usage. 


Additional Information

More information regarding the Investment Stage lookup

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